City of Lincoln rolls out new logo and identity created by Agent.

April 2, 2024

The City of Lincoln has unveiled its new government logo and visual identity system. After an agency review in early 2023, the City tapped Agent to create the new logo and identity, a complete communications suite — from letterhead to vehicles to signage — and a comprehensive visual standards guide. The identity system needed to work effectively for the City’s multiple departments and functions, while also showcasing the City to the residents it serves every day. The logo uses an eight-pointed star found throughout many cultures and belief systems, primarily meaning rebirth, wisdom and new beginnings. The colors and points of the star represent the City’s multiplicity, where every person, community and city department has a place and a vital role. The typeface was chosen for its readability and visibility, even at small sizes, and conveys a sense of both authority and approachability. See an overview of the identity system here.

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